Here's a trip/numbness report from Alan J:

"My memories are very vague, but here is what I can remember about the trip from an AJ/Paul McK perspective.

Everything started very well. Picked up Paul at 5.30, plane left at 7.00, trains on time, in hotel by 11.45, in the 'Tipsy Duck' by 11.55! We were a little nervous at first. The pub is long, narrow and dark. As we walked in there were PSV shirted lads drinking at the front and a big party of Burberry clad characters half way down the bar. This brought back unpleasant memories of Rotterdam. We decided to sit near the door just in case. Paul went to the toilet and recognised Geordie accents on the way back. We could relax now, they may have been thugs but at least they were wor thugs. It seemed a good pub and it was playing a good selection of rock/punk music. A few phone calls established that we were first there. With a 20.45 kick off we reckoned the best plan was to just have a very steady sup and take a break for food about mid pm.

Brendan and Steve were next to arrive, looking a little the worse for wear after the ferry crossing. A couple of beers later and they were well into the swing of things. Pidge was next, followed by Big Ish. BI told us that Pidge had somehow found their (he and the Mex) 5* hotel in the middle of nowhere and before they had arrived. Apparently it is so posh they are not so vulgar as to mention money. Pidge ended up fed, watered and playing snooker for free until Big Ish arrived. Pidge also stayed the night at the foot of their bed, dashing any hopes of romance that night. Gordon, Tad Paul (new nickname "Tadpole" ?) and Andria were last to arrive (I think). It all seemed to be very good crack with plenty of socialising with the PSV fans (this is where the Achtontour photo was taken). It was very warm and all the coats ended up in a massive pile on the floor. Needless to say we all passed on high tea.

It all becomes very hazy from here on in. I remember Paul doing a cross between a backwards stage dive and when Del Boy fell into the cellar of the Yuppy bar, a big smile on his face confident that his mates would catch him, which they did. It was time to move on so we went hunting for coats. I couldn't find mine but passed a coat to Paul, he seemed happy with it and it was a good fit. We went to an Irish bar then somewhere else. Me and Pidge got talking to some locals, we were bought drinks and given food all the time we were in there. This must have been what softened me up for the shirt swap. After the hospitality I could hardly say no. It was only much later that it dawned on me that I had swapped my much loved 'Brown Ale' top for a red and white striped shirt with 'Philips' on the front! I was determined to get my coat back so it was back to the Tipsy Duck. I must have thrown every coat in there over my shoulder and finally my coat was there at the bottom of the pile.

I can't remember getting to the match and have only very brief recollections of the match itself. After the match it was back to the Tipsy Duck which remained very lively until perhaps 2-2.30. Brendan was displaying similar mood swings to those shown on the Mallorca photos, one minute bouncing all over the place, the next face down over an ashtray. Steve was demonstrating his dancing skills. I couldn't find my way back to the hotel and eventually had to rely on a taxi (Tipsy Duck to hotel 200 yards). Got in sometime after 3. This woke Paul who declared that it was not his coat, his proper coat had his passport in it and that he was going to look for it. The next thing I remember is my phone going at 7.10. This was Paul saying he was well on his way to the airport to sort out a way of getting home. I'm glad he phoned or I would have been in bed all morning. My trousers were covered in clarts, I don't know if I fell over or came on as a second half sub. I made check-in at Schipol only 30 minutes before take off. I asked Paul what he thought of the game and it took a few minutes to establish that he did not actually make it and at some point had got a taxi back to the hotel. The bloody graze on his chin confirmed that he must have tipped over at least one more time since his stage dive. When Paul got back home he phoned the Tipsy Duck, his coat and passport were there and will make it back to Toon by Sunday. He hasn't said what he's going to do with the other coat! All in all a very enjoyable trip and a good result on the pitch."