Gary Foster has been busy again (doesn't he have anything to do at work). Here are his latest lookalikes. Compared to his previous effort (Bilko/Geoff) I think these two stretch the imagination a bit. Anyway, if you reckon you know who he's got in mind you can check out the answers at the bottom of the page.
Dan Dare or..... Reg Holdsworth or.....

Monday 3rd April

For those of you who visited the site earlier today, the Millenium Mags badge with the random effect background wasn't supposed to be like that, so I've taken it off for the time being (sorry Sarah!!). It was supposed to have a transparent background, and it worked perfectly in Netscape. Unfortunately I didn't check it out in Internet Explorer.

As compensation of sorts the little gem on the right was contributed by Gaz Foster. He suggests having a lookalike page, so if anyone out there can come up with any others get them sent to me.

Over the next few days I'm hoping to produce a comprehensive guide to Wembley under the Travel section - how to get there, suggestions on where to park, where to drink, etc. If anyone can contribute then I'd appreciate hearing from you, in the meantime I've added a couple of links.

And finally.....
I received an e-mail today from Mick Oxley. For those of you that don't know him, Mick was one half of the double-act (together with Les Ward) that started the Yorkshire Branch back in '88. Mick writes "I'm now living up in's a liitle better than Bradford. Keep up the good work!!". If anyone wants to get in touch with Mick drop me an e-mail and I'll send you his address.

Upon hearing that Mr Bailey has no cheap rail tickets available for Sunday’s Semi-Final in London, Geoff Speight cleverly assumes the identity of a famous 1950’s American military-type comedian to secure the services of a limousine and chauffeur for the journey to Wembley.