Big Issue



Ta to Darren Upton's Tina for suggesting this one. Dunno how no-one spotted it earlier!

There's loads more p*ss-taking of  Bush at http://www.bushorchimp.com/pics.html. It's worth taking a look - there's some absolute belters!

Bush   Jamieson




Kirk off Corrie


Big Issue

Topless in the Sun

Most of you will be old enough to remember Micky Quinn that used to play for the Toon a few years back. Well Yorkshire Mag Ian Cross displayed a more than passing resemblance to 'Fat Lazy Scouse B@stard' Quinny when turning out in the annual challenge match against Bradford City Supporters Club last June. Here he can be seen using his ample gut to good effect as a balancing aid in much the same way as Quinny used to in his heyday.

Master of horror Stephen King 


Miserable old b@stard, but equally spine-chilling, Hughie, the barman from the THT?


Sporty Spice


Fat Tart


Tom and dog

Wallace and Christina

One of the pictures below is of the much travelled homeless magazine peddler 'Big Ish' who, by a remarkable coincidence, has a lifestyle very similar to the G & T supping, golf playing,Tory, factory owning character in the other photo. We are still waiting for the full story from Crossy.