Gordon's document bag
The San Siro
The San Siro
Just like our trophy room - not!
I could do with it for my collection
Milan Cathedral
Milan - Vittorio Emanuele Arcade
Milan - Vittorio Emanuele Arcade
Monday night at the Hotel Roma
Yes we've seen your tattoo!
Gordon's bar in Turin
Richard chatting to one of his mates
The Mole in Turin - the tallest brick-built
structure in Europe apparently
The lift inside the Mole
View from the Mole
First pre-match beer
Drink ban? What drink ban!
Mike's party trick
Cute waitress
Catherine enjoying herself
A quiet meal before the game
The 'loud singing' contest
More fun in the restaurant
One last drink
The taxi queue
On the number 9 bus

My middle tier ticket

Right - inside the ground (photo 'pinched'
from Italy Magpies site - click here then
on 'Fans' for more of Masso's pics)

Some piazza in Turin The Pink

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