Montbéliard castle
Brendan decides to take up smoking
Beer and wine going down well
Poofta Paul sticks to the soft stuff though
A quick look around the town
.... before hitting the beer 9 hours before
kick-off in a supporters club bar
Andria plays with her phone, just for a change A rare event - Paul (aka The Walrus,
aka Sonic) not yawning!

Having fun with Andria's socks
The landlady's happy to be taking
enough to retire on
A quiet drink
Not for long though!
Doing the Ameobi
Getting noisier
.... and noisier!!
Landlady still happy
Passing the castle as we set
off for the ground
First glimpse of the ground
Queueing to get in - about one
person every 15 seconds
Well I'm through anyway
Toon fans 'caged' in with netting
Yet another corner taken with the
ball outside the 'D'
Celebrating the second goal
'Celebrated' with flares by their fans
"Let's dance in the east of France" (3-0)
Being congratulated by their fans

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