Liverpool (a)  Saturday 3rd March 5.30pm

This is a selection of the train services, with fares as at 01/02 (italics means change at Piccadilly):
 York 1040 1115 1123 1140 1215 1223 1240 1315    Lime Street 2022 2130 2230
 Leeds 1109 1144 1153 1209 1244 1253 1309 1344    Huddersfield 2145 2249 2351
 Huddersfield 1130 1202 1211 1230 1302 1311 1330 1402    Leeds 2208 2312  
 Lime Street 1259 1308 1341 1359 1408 1443 1459 1508    York 2236 2342  
 Single (York) 25.50   15.80 23.10   15.80 15.70      Single (York) 25.50 14.70  
 Single (Leeds) 19   12.10 19   12.10 12      Single (Leeds) 19 11  
 Single (Hudds) 18   11.10 15  7.20 11.10 11       Single (Hudds) 18 10 6.50
 Sheffield 1140 1240 1340    Lime Street 1952



 Lime Street 1331 1431 1531    Sheffield 2135 2211 2231
 Single fares 16 16 16    Single fares 9    11

Fares from York:
From 30.40

 Advance Singles


 Off Peak Day Returns York-Manchester and Manchester-Liverpool


 Off Peak Return
From Leeds:
From 23.00

 Advance Singles


 Off Peak Day Return

From Huddersfield:
From 17.50

 Advance Singles


 Off Peak Day Returns Huddersfield-Manchester and Manchester-Liverpool

 Off Peak Day Return

From Sheffield:

From 25

 Advance Singles
31.10  Off Peak Day Returns Sheffield-Manchester and Manchester-Liverpool


 Off Peak Return

Getting to and from the ground
Anfield is two and a half miles walk from Lime Street station. Walking is therefore not a serious option (although walking back after the game can sometimes be as quick as catching a bus). The alternatives are:
- train from Liverpool Central or Moorfields to Kirkdale (every hour, 30 past from Central and 32 from Moorfields), then a a 25 minute walk to the ground
- taxi (good value if there are five of you to fill a black cab)
- bus from Queen Square bus station (17), or SoccerBus from outside St George's Hall (917); 2.10 single or 3.50 return
Note that there are no trains to Sandhills due to an RMT strike, and so the Soccerbus service from there to Anfield isn't running. There are extra 917 buses running to compensate.
If you're driving over then there is limited street parking in the area around if you arrive early enough. Note that a residents only parking scheme now operates in some streets around Anfield, so have a good look for signs before you park. You may find you're better off parking over towards Goodison. This gives you the option of having a pint on one of the pubs over there, and also allows you to make a quick getaway on the A580 after the game.

The good news for beer connoisseurs is that real is now available in some of the pubs around the ground. The Arkles, which is the traditional away fans pub, is a Greene King pub which has three ales. However, the place gets chocka, and you won't get in if you don't get there early. And that's assuming that the ban on Toon fans that was in operation a few years back has been lifted. In any case the Flat Iron, just down the road, is a better pub and now serves real ale on match days. Likewise the Cabbage Hall. The Sandon officially welcomes away fans, and most of the other pubs around the ground should be friendly enough if there are small numbers of you. If you want somewhere that's not too busy then your best bet is to head for the pubs around Goodison, including Wetherspoons' Thomas Frost, and allow 15 minutes to walk to the ground.

If you get the train over then you may prefer to drink in the centre until late on, in which case you're spoilt for choice. We have often gone to the Richard John Blackler just down from the station. However, it's notorious for bad service so I would give it a miss. You'd be better off going to the Crown, which you pass on the way to the Richard John Blackler. It's a traditional pub which has a decent selection of beers and pub food at reasonable prices. Also recommended are the Ship and Mitre, which has a vast selection of beers from both the UK and abroad, and the nearby Excelsior, which is very much like the Crown. From both of these it's a five minute walk to Moorfields station. Another option is the Globe. This a traditional cosy little pub, with great staff and friendly customers, not to mention a good range of beer. Plus it's literally two minutes from Liverpool Central station. Other places you might want to try are Doctor Duncan's and the Poste House, both of which have a good range of beers and get decent reviews. Finally, Wetherspoons have recently opened a new outlet right next door to the station, the North Western. It's got a similar feel to the Union Rooms.

All the pubs mentioned, plus a few others, are shown on the pub maps below.

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City centre pub map
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