Man Utd  Saturday 18th November  5.30pm
Well at least it's a Saturday, but not 3 o'clock thanks to BT. There are loads of trains, especially going. Here's a selection of them, with fares as at 18/10:
 York   1223 1240 1253   1323 1340    Piccadilly 2011
2111 2142
 Leeds 1236 1253 1309 1320 1336 1351 1409    Huddersfield 2045 2111 2145 2210
 Huddersfield 1256 1311 1330 1340 1356 1409 1430    Leeds 2108
2208 2230
 Piccadilly 1332 1342 1405 1413 1432 1444 1505    York 2137
2236 2258
 Single (York)   17.50 17.50 16.50   17.50 16.50    Single (York) 17.50   17.50 16.50
 Single (Leeds) 11.50 12.50 12.50 11.50 11.50 12.50 11.50    Single (Leeds) 11.50   12.50 11.50
 Bradford Interchange 1214 1243 1314 1343    Victoria



 Victoria 1317 1344 1417 1442    Bradford Interchange 2142  2242
 Single fares 6 5.80 5 5    Single fares 6.20  6
 Sheffield 1211 1240 1311 1340 1411    Piccadilly




 Piccadilly 1303 1336 1403 1436 1503    Sheffield 2112 2135 2211
 Single fares 6.50 9 6.50 9 5    Single fares 5 6.50 5
Fare options from Leeds:

From 23

 Advance Singles
20.50  Off Peak Day Return
21.60  West Yorks Bus & Train Rover, Off Peak Day Return Huddersfield-Piccadilly (cheapest option if you also have to catch
 a bus or train into Leeds)

From York:

From 33

 Advance Singles


 Off Peak Return

From Huddersfield:


 Off Peak Day Return

From Bradford:


 Off Peak Day Return

From Sheffield:

From 10

 Advance Singles


 Off Peak Day Return

1. Railcard holders can normally get one third off the above prices.
2. 16-25 railcard holders can get 50% off TransPennine fares if booked at

Getting to the ground

You can catch a tram from the city centre to the ground. It's 3.20 return, and it takes around 10 minutes from Piccadilly Gardens. Note that St Peters is better than Piccadilly Gardens because it's a more frequent service, every 3 minutes as opposed to every 6 minutes (6 and 12 minutes on Sundays). It's also the most convenient stop for the Waterhouse or City Arms. You get off at Old Trafford or Pomona depending on which service you catch. Basically, follow everyone else for getting off and walking to the ground. It's about a 10 minute walk from Old Trafford, 3 or 4 minutes more from Pomona, Exchange Quay is better than Pomona after the game because trams stop there first. A taxi, if you can find one, is a relatively quick and cheap way of getting to the ground. However, the best way to get from the city centre to the ground is by train. A special service operates from Piccadilly (platform 14), picking up at Oxford Road, to 'Manchester United Football Ground', a station at the back of the main stand that's only used on match days. There are 3 or 4 trains before the game, with the last one leaving Piccadilly around half an hour before kick off. There's usually a notice showing train times near the entrance to Piccadilly. Get on the train right at the back and you'll be less than 50 yards from the away turnstiles when you get off. The fare in 2008/9 was 3 quid single or return (so get a return!); railcard holders get a third off. The first train back to Piccadilly leaves around 10 minutes after the end of the game. Even if you miss that one you'll still get back much sooner than if you go to Old Trafford for a tram (you could have to queue for up to an hour!). The special buses are a better bet than the tram. But the train's best!
If you decide to drive over then I haven't any first hand experience of parking. There is though street parking available within a 10-15 minute walk of the ground, including in the area around the Quadrant (see Pubs below), provided you get there reasonably early. Alternatively, you can park at the Lowry Mall at Salford Quays. This costs 3.50, and the access from/to the M602 is very good. The Lowry Mall is marked on the pub map.   

All the pubs around the ground are basically home fans only. There is though one place near Old Trafford tram stop, the Quadrant, which allegedly gets a mixture of home and away fans. Not only that, there are a few takeaways very nearby, not to mention an offy in case service in the pub is really bad. The pubs in Lowry Mall are also apparently ok for away fans. Another option is Sale town centre, which is only 8 minutes away by tram (from Old Trafford stop).

When travelling over by train our usual pre-match haunt was for a long time the Waldorf, near Piccadilly, a proper pub with a decent range of beers and basic food. It has though recently been done out and gone a bit upmarket. Alternatively, some of our lot prefer Sinclairs, which is a Sam Smiths pub over towards Victoria. Being Sams, it has cheap beer. However, they no longer have hand pumps, plus they'll only serve you in plastic glasses. A couple of pubs that are worth the hike are the Crown and Anchor (beer nothing special, but excellent pub food) and the Unicorn (lively, relatively cheap belting beer).

It goes without saying that there are a few Wetherspoons outlets around. Possibly to be avoided is the one in Piccadilly Gardens, imaginatively called Wetherspoons. If you arrive at Victoria you might want to check out the Seven Stars. But the best is probably the Waterhouse, which is apparently not your typical Spoons and gets good reviews. Next door to the Waterhouse is the City Arms, which is a belting pub with around eight real ales on at any one time.
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