West Ham (a)  Saturday 23rd December 3.00pm

Our first visit to West Ham's new home. Here are a selection of the trains, with fares as at 22/11:
 Leeds 0815 0845 0916 0945    Kings Cross






 Wakefield W 0830 0858 0929 0958    Wakefield W 1934 2006 2026 2037 2100
 Kings Cross 1032 1056 1126 1151    Leeds






 Single fare 29 29 29 29    Single fare 36 36 36 36 36

Fares from Leeds and Wakefield:

From 60.90

 Advance Singles split as Leeds-Grantham-London

From 65

 Advance Singles


 Super Off Peak Return

Fares from Sheffield:

From 55.80

 Advance Singles, returning on the 1812 booked at Megatrain

From 61

 Advance Singles


 Super Off Peak Return

1. Railcard holders can normally get one third off the above prices.
2. Groups of three or more can get approx 25% off the above East Coast fares if booked at www.virgintrainseastcoast.com.

Getting to the ground
There are basically two ways to get to the ground from Kings Cross. Firstly, you can jump on a tube to Liverpool Street, and change there for the Central Line to Stratford, from where it's getting on for a 15 minute walk to the away turnstiles. There's a tube every 2-3 minutes, and the journey should take you around 20 minutes. It'll cost you 2.40 each way with a
n Oyster Card or contactless debit/credit card. The cash price is 4.90 each way. A One Day Travelcard is 12.30 should you want to buy one for some reason. The alternative travel option is to catch a fast train from St Pancras to Stratford International. It only takes 7 minutes, but at the same time there are only four trains an hour. The last one that you can catch if you want to be sure of seeing the kick-off is the 14.09. Be aware that the platform is in the "international" part of St Pancras, which is a bit of hike from whichever pub you end up in. The fare is 7.80 return, although you get a third off this with a railcard or with a group of three or more. Stratford International is also around 15 minutes from the ground.
If for some reason you choose to drive there then you should be aware that the only parking anywhere near the ground is at the Westfield shopping centre. It'll cost you 9.80, assuming that is that Christmas shoppers haven't nabbed all the spaces
A couple of things you might want to be aware of after the game. The first is that there are reports of groups of West Ham hanging about outside the away section and trying to start things. Also, I've heard that the police may "encourage" any fans who aren't on coaches to march on a circuitous route to Stratford tube station, regardless of where they actually want to go. It may therefore be a good idea to cover up and get your head down, and to try to sneak away from the escort if you're not on the tube.

Virtually all the pubs anywhere near the ground are home fans only. The one exception is the Goose, which is pretty close to Stratford tube station. It's a Wetherspoons close, so the beer and food are good value, exceptionally so for the area. It's possible you may be able to sneak into some of the others if you've got no colours on. If so then three that get good reviews are Tap East, which is right outside Stratford International, and the Crate and Howling Hops. All three have a good selection of cask and craft ales, but all are probably pretty expensive. Alternatively, jump on a tube to either Liverpool Street, where there's a massive Wetherspoons in the station plus numerous other pubs, including the Magpie and Lord Aberconway, close by, or to somewhere like Leyton (where the Leyton Technical is worth checking out).
If you're down on the train you best bet is to either head for Liverpool Street and the aforementioned pubs around there or just to drink around Kings Cross and travel to the ground late on.

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