Getting to the ground
It's around a 10 minute walk from the station to the ground. If you're driving down then there should be some street parking available if you arrive reasonably early. Failing that there's the large car park near the Metrodome which'll set you back 4 quid (2016), but no doubt it'll take you ages to get out. Alternatively you can park at East Dene Club for a small charge.

I would advise people to be a bit wary if drinking in the town centre. Definitely to be avoided are the Courthouse (near the station) and Mount. Probably also Chambers, and possibly the Corner Pin. It's not all bad though! Some of the pubs in the centre will be ok, especially for small numbers and/or without colours. There's the Joseph Brannah, a Lloyds No 1, which I was in after the game last time we played there. Next door is the
Old No. 7, which is a belting pub by all accounts. The Shakespeare and Silkstone Inn (Wetherspoons) are a bit further away from the ground and station and should be fine. A safe bet, and also a good little pub, is the Dove, which usually has a mixture of home and away fans. They might not have food on mind. A bit further along Doncaster Road from the Dove is a East Dene Club, which allows away fans in. All these options are shown on the pub map.
Pub map

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