The nearest station to the ground is actually Pokesdown, which is around a twenty minute walk from the ground Not all trains stop there though. Bournemouth station is half as far again.

If you're driving down then there's a big car park at the ground. This will cost you 50p an hour though, and you'll probably wait an age to get out after the game. Much better, particularly if you arrive reasonably early, is just to part in the streets off Holdernhurst Road.

The pub situation for anyone arriving by train at Pokesdown or by car is even worse than it used to be. Three of the pubs have shut down, including the Wetherspoons pub in Pokesdown. With the only pub anywhere near the ground, the Queeens Park, strictly home fans only, the choice is severely limited. The Bell, just over the road from Pokesdown station, is an obvious choice for anyone alighting there. Otherwise Mello Mello is probably your best bet. If you're parked off Holdernhurst Road then I would head for the Firkin Shed, 2015 CAMRA pub of the year. Be warned though that it doesn't normally open until 12.00. You should also be aware that they discourage people using phones for social networking. Either go outside with the smokers or face a fine of a pound (which goes to a local charity)! Another option not too far away is the Cricketers, a traditional pub that gets good reviews.

If you arrive at Bournemouth station there's the Christopher Creeke, a Wetherspoons outlet, not too far away. It's in the opposite direction to the ground mind. Just up the road is Inferno, which incorporates a micro brewery. Or alternatively head for the aforementioned Firkin Shed or the Cricketers, both of which are on the way to the ground.

Dorset Police have a Twitter feed where you can latest information on pubs, and also traffic info, etc.

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