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Breda's a nice little town down in the south east of Holland. The easiest way to get there is to fly to Amsterdam then get the train.

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Rough Guides guide to Amsterdam (click on Amsterdam under Featured Cities)

NAC Breda's ground was built quite recently and holds 16000. It's quite a hike from the town centre - click here for a map. It was obviously built with car owners in mind - the club's web site boast that they've got 1600 parking places and give road directions from three other major cities in Holland. Unfortunately they don't give any instructions on how to get there by any other mode of transport. Very un-Dutch!
Club web site
NAC forever (good unofficial site)
De Rat (superb unofficial site)
Breda Drinking Crew (bit of a laugh, but one of them saying his favourite beer is shandy doesn't help their credbility!)