Getting to the ground
Burton's not a particularly big place, but the ground manages to be situated just about as far from the station and town centre as it could possibly be. It's a good 25 minute walk from the station, and 30 minutes from the centre. Alternatively there's a fairly frequent bus service along the A5121, and of course there's always a cab.
For those driving down the suggested place to park is at the Pirelli factory. It'll cost you 3 quid (2016), which goes to charity. But if you get down early enough you should be able to park for nowt in the streets around the Beech pub, or closer to the ground on Bramling Cross Road.
With Burton being a town built around brewing you'd like to think there'd be some decent pubs. And it doesn't disappoint! It's not that clever for those driving down though. If that's you, the obvious place to make for is the Beech Inn, north of the ground. There's parking in the area, and they've got a special match day bar in the car park. However, the place gets mediocre reviews and they only have keg beer, and no doubt it'll be heaving. Much better, and only a five minute walk from the ground, is the traditional Great Northern. Better again though is the Derby Inn, which is a ten minute walk from the ground towards the town centre.

Those making the journey by train are spoilt for choice. Not far from the station, although the wrong direction for the ground, are the Coopers Tavern and Devonshire Arms. Both of these get fantastic reviews. Towards the ground from the station you've got the Old Cottage Tavern (down a side street), the Alfred Ale House, and lastly the aforementioned Derby Inn. All of these are well worth a visit.

It's important to point out that all the pubs mentioned above don't normally open until 12. The Beech is likely to open at 11 on match days though. Those arriving by train before 12 should probably head to the Lord Burton, which is a Wetherspoons outlet. It's out of the way, and it's not one of their better establishments, but it's open from 8. From there you could slowly make your way to the ground by way of some (or all!) of the recommended town centre pubs. Or alternatively you could take a more direct route, calling first at the excellent Burton Bridge Inn, and finishing off in the Great Northern.

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