Getting to the ground
Cardiff moved a few years back to the Cardiff City Stadium, just over the road from where Ninian Park was. It's about a 30 minute walk from the city centre or Cardiff station. There's actually a local station (Ninian Park) quite close to the ground, with trains every at 6 and 36 minutes past the hour from Cardiff Central (but only every hour, at 6 minutes past, in the evening), journey time 4 minutes. Away fans are though advised to use Grangetown station. It's twice as far from the ground as Ninian Park, just under a 15 minute walk, but there are seven trains an hour from Cardiff Central (four an hour in the evening), and again the journey time is just 4 minutes. If you're driving down then the options for parking are:
- dedicated, but very limited, away fans car park at the ground (8 quid, and you can expect to be stuck for ages after the game)
- match day parking at Bessemer Road Wholesale Market (5 quid, and probably not good for getting away)
- Gol Football Centre or Canton Rugby Club; you pay a fiver, but get a voucher to that value redeemable at the bar; very limited parking though
There's no street parking whatsoever anywhere near the ground as it's all resident parking only.
Believe it or not Cardiff now possesses an away fan friendly pub! It's the Lansdowne Hotel, which is around a 15 minute walk to the ground. They have a good range of real ales, and also serve food. If you choose to drink elsewhere, be careful! Even in these relatively enlightened times Cardiff fans still have a very bad reputation. In general the advice is to avoid any pubs around the ground or between the city centre and the ground. Having said that, the new Sand Martin, which is a family pub, could be ok. Plus Canton Rugby Club and Gol Football Centre are ok, but they probably only have electric beer. Certainly if you arrive by train, or if you want good beer, your best bet is to find somewhere quiet in the centre (but possibly not around the station) then jump in a taxi. There are in fact a stack of highly rated pubs in the centre, many of them clustered to the east of the Millennium Stadium, including the Goat Major, Hopbunker (no less than 15 hand pumps!), Urban Tap, Queen's Vaults and City Arms. It seems that away fans often head for the Wetherspoons' Great Western, just over the road from the station. However, if there's going to be any bother that's probably where it's going to happen. Likewise the nearby Prince of Wales (also a Spoons). If you particularly want to visit a Wetherspoons outlet I'd suggest heading for the Central Bar, although it's pretty much out of the way. All the pubs mentioned, plus a few others, are marked on the pub map below.

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