Coventry (a)

Yet another bland, soulless ground with very limited parking and nothing in the way of pubs in the immediate area. Plus it's over 3 miles from the station. The problems don't end outside the ground - apparently the seating is so far from the pitch that you can struggle to see what's happening, especially if the action's down at the other end. Progress?

Never having been to the ground I can't give any personal recommendations when it comes to parking or pubs. There's apparently no street parking anywhere near the ground, so you're likely to end having to fork out around 4 or more to leave your car in a big car park which it could take you ages to get out of after the game. Your best bet therefore is probably to get there quite early and park up at a pub, thereby killing two birds with one stone!

As far as pubs go, there are few on Longford Road, so not too far from the ground, although many of them are supposed to be fairly partisan. One place that tends to have a good mixture of home and away fans is the JK English Pub. You can park here, but it'll cost you 4 quid. A bit further up Longford Road is the Longford Engine, which has a massive outdoor area and backs onto a canal. You can park here for free, but there aren't many spaces. Further north, on the other side of the M6, are the Black Horse and the Lord Raglan, both of which welcome away fans and offer free parking. Be warned though that by now you're talking about a good 30 minute walk to the ground, particularly in the case of the Lord Raglan. Over on the opposite side of the ground, and not quite so far away, are the Hub and the Bull and Anchor. Both of these are big family style pubs with large car parks.
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