Deportivo La Coruņa

Getting there
A Coruņa has its own airport, there are no flights to it from the UK. There are various options to other airports in northern Spain, all from Stansted:
Santiago de Compostela (
Ryanair) - flights tend to be expensive, but only an hour away by train
Asturias (
easyJet) - cheaper flights, but a 4 hour bus ride from Coruņa
Santander (
Ryanair) - dirt cheap flights, but 7 hours away by bus
Bilbao (
easyJet) - more expensive than Santander, and 9 hours on the bus

The trains take for ever to get anywhere along the north coast due to it being so hilly. It's therefore much quicker to use the very reliable bus service.
Renfe (for train times and fares)
Alsa (for bus times and fares)

Guides etc
Tourism (includes accommodation info)

Club and ground
Official Deportivo site
Unofficial site (in English)

The Son Moix Stadium was only built in 1999. Unfortunately, like many newly-built grounds, it's quite a way out from the centre. Click here for a map. The number 8 bus goes past the ground. Possibly there's also some sort of special bus service on match days.
Official club site  (not much use)
Eurogrounds  (some pics and stats)
The Stadium Guide  (more of the same)