Getting there
The most convenient way of getting there is to fly from Leeds-Bradford to Amsterdam with Jet2 (2 flights a day) or KLM 3 flights a day). It's about an hour and a half from Schiphol to Eindhoven on the train. Click here for train times and fares. Another flight option is Stansted to Eindhoven with Ryanair

An alternative to flying is the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. You leave at 9 on Wednesday evening and dock at 8 next morning. The ferry back is at 9 on Friday, arriving back at Hull around 8 on Saturday morning. The ferry cost is about 80 quid based on 4 sharing an outside cabin. At the other end you'd get the connecting bus to Rotterdam station, then it's about an hour and 20 mins to Eindhoven by train. Alternatively you could take a car over for only 50 quid extra.

Places to stay
Hotel booking
Hotel booking
Hotel booking (includes some cheapish hotels)
Royal Hotel (3 stars, 25 quid pp per night in double)
Budget Hotel (click on contacts to send booking request)
Amsterdam hotels

Guides, etc
Eindhoven Tourist Information Office
Ryanair (if you look at this you'll see that it's hardly a tourist destination)
Rough Guides guide to Amsterdam (click on Amsterdam under Featured Cities)
The best place for pre- and apres-football is apparently Stratumseind (slightly below and left of centre of map) where there's more than 40 bars and various eating places. Carry on past the bottom of Stratumseind and you get to Stratumsedijk, which is where the Royal Hotel is (no 23b).

The Philips Stadium is a ten minute walk distance from the station and town centre (map). You can get the number 16 bus (direction Veldhoven Zonderwijk) or the 17 (direction Veldhoven 't Look), getting off at Mathildelaan. The ground is famous for being heated.
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