Heerenveen is 60 miles north-east of Amsterdam in Friesland, where they have their own language that English supposedly originates from! Heerenveen itself is tiny, but the club draws it's support from the whole of Friesland and is therefore fairly well supported. The locals are extremely friendly you'll be made really welcome wherever you go.

Getting there
The most convenient way of getting there is to fly to Amsterdam. Some options are:
From Leeds-Bradford or Manchester with Jet2
From Leeds-Bradford with KLM
From East Midlands with bmibaby
From Liverpool with easyJet

It's about two hours from Schiphol to Heerenveen on the train. Click here for train times and fares.

Places to stay
There are hardly any hotels in Heerenveen. In any case, it's not really somewhere you'd want to spend any amount of time. It's therefore recommended that you base yourself in Amsterdam or Leeuwarden (
Ljouwert in Friesian). Amsterdam obviously needs no introduction. The latter is a sort of local capital, with loads of history and character. It's got it's own canals, but hasn't got Amsterdam's tackiness! The nightlife is pretty lively, especially Thursday which is students' night. When we last played Heerenveen a few of us stayed in 't Anker in Leeuwarden. It's nothing special, but it's quite cheap and fairly central.

Heerenveen hotels
Hotels around Heerenveen
Hotel 't Anker, Leeuwarden (map)
Leeuwarden hotels
Leeuwarden hotels
In and around Leeuwarden
Amsterdam hotels
Botel, Amsterdam

Guides, etc
Heerenveen is such an interesting place that I can't find any guides to it anywhere on the net!
Student guide to Leeuwarden (in English, with useful info and good bar guide)
Leeuwarden (in Dutch, but with lots of pictures!)
Rough Guides guide to Amsterdam (click on Amsterdam under Featured Cities)
Syb's Swinging Café
(the 'gay bar' that we frequented in Leeuwarden)

Club and ground
Heerenveen play at the Abe Lenstra Stadion, which is named after their most illustrious player. It was built 20 years ago and has since been expanded to hold about 26,000. The ground's not far from the town centre. Then again, it would have a job not to be the place is so small! It's about a 10 minute walk from the centre, and 20 minutes from the station. There are a few bars in the pedestrianised bit of the town centre, and you'll get a drink there no problem.

Official club site
Official club site (cut-down English version)
Unofficial site
Every Dutchman's second team....