Getting to the ground

A welcome change - a ground that's not miles from anywhere. It's literally a 5 minute walk from the station, and not more than 15 minutes from any pub you're liable to end up. If you're driving there then there's basically no street parking near the ground. If you arrive reasonably early you may be able to park in the streets to the south of the station (see pub map). Otherwise there are three pay and display parks in Portman Road. It'll cost you about a fiver for an afternoon game, but only a quid for an evening game.
The Station, which as you might expect is over the road from the station, is the main pub for away fans. But it'll no doubt be chocka, and they don't have any cask beer, so there are better options. Two obvious ones are the two Wetherspoons pubs on Crown Street, the Cricketers and the Robert Ransome. They're far enough away from the ground (virtually a 15 minute walk) that they might not get too busy. Not far at all from the ground is the Thomas Wolsey, which gets good reviews. Likewise the Lord Nelson, which is down in the Waterfront district. A specialist real ale pub is the Dove. It's a hike from the ground, but could be well worth a visit. All the pubs mentioned are shown on the pup map, along with several others. Note that the Curve bar is to be given a wide berth.

Pub map
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