Getting to and from the ground
The ground is around a 35 minute walk from the station, and a bit longer from elsewhere in the city centre. Catching a bus is therefore an attractive option. Shuttle buses run from just along the street from the station. These start 90 minutes before kick-off. If you want to get to the ground any earlier than this then you'll have to catch a 51 or 52 from Vicar Lane. Alternatively jump in a cab.

If you're driving to the game then there are a few official car parks around the ground. My suggestion though is to park in the streets in the Domestic Street area. Not only is it free, you'll be back on the M621 in no time after the game.

The various bus stops and parking options are marked on the pub map at the bottom.

The options around the ground are limited. The Peacock, right opposite the ground was never a good idea, but apparently it's now strictly home fans only anyway. Next to the away turnstiles is Howards, which is away fans only. It's only small though, and doesn't open until two hours before kick-off. The other obvious option is the Drysalters, which welcomes away fans and is around a 10 minute walk from the ground. If you can be discreet then there's also the Old White Hart. This is basically a Leeds fans pub, but apparently away fans are tolerated. It's actually slightly closer to the ground than the Drysalters.

If you prefer to drink in the centre then I would suggest giving all of the many pubs around the station a wide berth. The Bierkeller normally welcomes away fans. Otherwise there are a few Wetherspoon outlets that are far enough from the station to probably be ok. Likewise the Palace is a hike from the station and I can't see many Leeds fans getting in.

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