Getting to the ground
The ground is literally miles (around four) from the town centre. There's a good bus service, but it can apparently take well over half an hour approaching kick-off, so don't leave it too late. You might want to consider heading straight for one of the pubs within walking distance of the ground. There are basically two bus services. The 1/5 takes you close to within a five minute walk of the ground, whereas the 3A goes right to the ground via the pre-match pub options. The 5 runs every 10 minutes from outside the station, or there's a 1 or 5 every 5 minutes from stop G4 on St Aldate's (more or less right outside of St Aldates Tavern). The 3A runs every 30 minutes, at 11 and 41 past the hour, from stop D4 on Bon Street (conveniently near to the Swan & Castle). The stops are shown on the pub map. If you're driving down then there's loads of free parking at the ground. However, you can expect to have a long wait getting out after the game, so you might prefer to park in the streets over the other side of the railway in Littlemoor.

There's a good choice of decent pubs in the town centre. The Gardeners Arms is possibly the best of the bunch, but unfortunately it's quite a bit out of the way. However, I've included it for completeness and in case anyone happens to end up in that neck of the woods for any reason. Others to keep an eye out for include the Royal Blenheim, St Aldates Tavern, White Horse and Kings Arms . There are also two decent Wetherspoons, the Four Candles and the Swan and Castle. As far as the ground itself goes, there's nowhere reasonably close. However, the Golden Ball and George in Littlemoor, and the Catherine Wheel in Sandford are all within a 15-10 minute walk. And the 3A goes right past the lot of them so it's possible you'll be able hitch a ride to the ground.

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