London Road is about a 20 minute walk from the station. If you're driving then there's a car park at the ground, or there's a council pay & display car park just off London Road (on your left as you pass the ground going towards the town centre). Alternatively you can probably park in the side streets off the A15 as you come in from the A1. Another option is the Cherry Tree pub on Oundle Road. It'll cost you a couple of quid, but you get that back if you hand your ticket in at the bar.
If on the train then there are plenty of pubs in the town centre. It can be a bit hit and miss as to whether they'll let you in though. Probably the nearest to the station is the
Brewery Tap, which houses the award winning brewery Oakham Ales and has up to 12 real ales on offer. A short walk from here is the Ostrich Inn which has recently re-opened as a traditional pub after a few years as a music pub. It goes without saying that there are a couple of Wetherspoons outlets. Very close to the station, and en route to the ground, is the Drapers Arms. This will no doubt be chocka, so you may prefer the College Arms. An alternative to the Spoons pubs for anyone on a tight budget is the Wortley Almshouses, a Sam Smiths outlet, which is worth a look due to the historic nature of the building if nothing else.

There are also some good options around the ground, including the aforementioned Cherry Tree. The top recommendation, particularly for anyone driving down, is the Coalheavers Arms, which has the look and feel of a village pub. It has 8 real ales available, as well as an extensive range of bottled beers from around Europe. Very similar is the Palmerston Arms, which is away fan friendly and has around 10 real ales on on offer. Nearest to the ground though is Charters, which is certainly worth a visit. It's a former Dutch barge moored on the river, just a few minutes walk from the ground on the left hand side of the bridge going towards the town centre. Upstairs is a Chinese restaurant, but downstairs is a bar with up to 12 real ales on tap. There's a big beer garden on the river bank in case the weather's half decent.
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