Glandford Park was the first of the post-Taylor stadium built in England and the first out-of-town ground. And it couldn't be much more out of town - it's well over two miles from the station, which is pretty incredible considering that Scunthorpe isn't exactly the biggest place around. One option for getting to the ground from the station is the bus; it's the 7 or 8 yellow line bus, and even then it's a hike to the bus stop - turn left outside the station, turn right at the main road, then turn left after about 700 yards into Doncaster Road. Or you could just get a taxi! Apparently the police have been known to lay on free buses, who knows if they'll do that for us.
If driving to the game then the there's a big car park next to the ground which costs a few quid. There's lots of parking at a retail park close to the ground, but I suspect you're running a risk of getting clamped if you park there. There's no street parking unless you're happy to have a long walk back to your car after the game.

Right next to the ground is the Old Farmhouse. This is one of those Wacky Warehouse places and so you know exactly what you'll be getting and it'll obviously be family orientated. If that's not your thing then you'll be heading for the Berkeley. Although a 10 minute walk from the ground, the Berkeley is a favourite haunt for away fans. It's also a Sam Smiths pub, which of course means it's seriously cheap. Apparently the place is undergoing renovation work at the moment and is surrounded by scaffolding, but Sams' PR spokesman Gordano assure us that it is still open. If arriving by train then the Honest Lawyer on Oswald Street gets good reviews. Further along Oswald Street from the station is the Blue Bell Inn, the Wetherspoons presence in Scunny. One good thing about the Blue Bell is that it's very handy for the 7/8 bus stop.
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