Getting to the ground
The ground is around a 20 minutes walk from the station, or 10 minutes from the town centre. You probably need to be at the ground by 20 to 3 to be sure of seeing the kick-off because there aren't enough away turnstiles.

If you drive down then you'll find that it's virtually impossible to park near the ground as there are no car parks and all street parking is residents only. Match day parking is available for a fee at Watford Girls High School and Fisher Industrial Estate. If you're arriving from the M1, as you should be, then a better bet are the town centre car parks. The one on Church Street isn't too far from the ground, but the Harlequin Shopping Centre one is good for a fast getaway back onto the motorway. One place you could try for street parking is the area around Bushey Grove Road. All these parking options are marked on the pub map below.

The pub situation in Watford is much improved from what it was, particularly if you're travelling down by train. The nearest pub to the ground (the Red Lion) is strictly home fans only. Not too far away is the Oddfellows, which is designated an away fans pub. It will therefore get absolutely chocka, plus they have no hand-pulled beer. After this you're talking about the town centre. An obvious option is Wetherspoons' Moon On The Water, which is on the most direct walking route from the station to the ground. However, it's not one of their best, plus it will be very busy. Alternatively there's the Colombia Press 300 yards further up the High Street, which is a Lloyds No 1. Again though, it's not one of their better outlets. Just over the road from the Colombia Press is Bosley's, which is perfectly fine.

If arriving by train then then you can hardly miss O'Neill's - just turn right out of the station and it's in front of you. Not too far away are the Nascot Arms, possibly the best pub in Watford. Unfortunately though it's even further away from the ground than the station. You may therefore want to turn left out of the station down Woodford Road to the Wellington and Estcourt Arms, which are both perfectly fine. If you continue towards the town centre along Escourt Street you'll come to the Estcourt Tavern. It'll be fairly busy, but the service is good. An option from the station could be to head for the White Lion, a traditional pub that gets great reviews. This is sort of on the way to the ground, but it's a bit out of the way and so shouldn't be busy.
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